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A childhood day trip
Sometimes we only have a day to enjoy ourselves and our families.  This is why spur of the moment day trips are so darn fun and exciting.  I can remember when I was around 8 years old, I was spending a Saturday night with my aunt Netta and 5 cousins. Lo and behold, at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, my aunt and uncle decided that they wanted to take all of us on a day trip to the coast which was about 160 miles from home.  At that time I had never gone on a day trip with my family so I  felt like I was the luckiest little girl in the world.  We all loaded up in their station wagon and off we went.  We made one stop on the way and that was, as you know with kids, our one potty stop.  While we were doing our thing aunt Netta went and bought 2 loaves of  sandwich bread, 2 packages of bologna and a large bag of potato chips for our lunch at the beach. 
All relieved and ready to go we got back on the road again and all I could feel and think about was the thrill and anticipation of playing in the ocean, building sandcastles on the beach and, because we were going to Santa Cruz,  riding all the rides on the boardwalk.  We did all that and more.  Then, after the best bologna sandwiches ever, we had carmel apples with walnuts, freshly made English taffy of every flavor you can imagine and frozen chocolate coverd bannans.  WOW!   What a day in the life of me.
I am now 56 and I still treasure the simplicity of that day.  I wanted my children to experience the joy of a day like that,  and so they did every now and then, but we called them "ditch days".  Once in awhile, as a treat, I would call the kid's school to let the teachers know they would not be in for the day and then I would steal away with them and occasionally kidnap their cousins.  The truth be told I think they still remember those days.
Since I live in the heart of California I would like to put together some information on day trips for each county in the state as often as I can. And please,  if you know of a great getaway for a day trip in any state, let me know and I will pass it on. Starting with California I hope to eventually have information for all the states in the US.  I'll take on the world later.
So, here is my wish for all lovers, friends and families - I wish for you the time to go day tripping at least once a month.

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